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“企宣”、“经纪”、“内务”、“发行”、“教育”五大部门各司其职,以业务多元且内容细腻著称,目前旗下已孵化包括艺人经纪团队(2Nd Street)、音乐及派对文化厂牌(ANTH)与音乐发行及教育品牌(IMPACT MUSIC INC.)等内部项目,除了自身有着显著的文化创意特色以外,亦备受商业资本势力关注。硬派娱乐在力所能及的业务范围内精准地表达出现今世代该有的情感与生命力,以此发掘并影响众多严阵以待的音乐人才。

IMPACT(Guangzhou) Entertainment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "IMPACT”) was established in 2019. Based in the CHINA and looking towards the global market, IMPACT is actively working with different circles through record production and distribution, music publishing, entertainer management, music training colleges and even indie labels at home and abroad.

The five departments of “Enterprise Publicity", "Brokerage", "Internal Affairs", "Distribution" And "Education"provide services accordingly, and the company is known for its diversified businesses and refined content. At present, it has incubated 2Nd Street (Entertainer Agency Team), ANTH (Music And Party Culture Label), Performance Integration & Promotion System and others. In addition to prominent creative cultural characteristics, impact has attracted the attention of venture capitals. IMPACT has subtly represented the sensibility and vitality inherent to the present era in all its established business scopes, aiming to scout for and interact with more music talents in full swing.

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